Vote NO on Proposition 71

Prop 71 engages in Human embryo cloning and destruction

The research funded by Proposition 71 involves cloning of human embryos for research. The research will also utilize and destroy human embryos. Curiously, if you examine the text, you won't find any mention of human embryos. All the words are coded in scientific or vague terms to keep this information away from the California voter. The code words are:

Code Words Real Meaning
pluripotent stem cells stem cells grown by destroying human embryos
products of in vitro fertilization treatments human embryos
somatic cell nuclear transfer cloning human embryos

Why didn't the authors of the initiative use terms the voters would understand? The truth is that they don't want you to know the kind of research the initiative will be funding. We are all for cures for serious diseases - but not by destroying human embryos, when effective alternatives are readily available.