Vote NO on Proposition 71

Exploitation of poor women

The high demand for eggs to produce human clones will result in the exploitation of poor women. The most efficient example of human cloning required eggs from 16 donors - using 176 eggs to produce one cloned cell line.1 Since therapeutic cloning requires one cell line for each patient, thousands to millions of egg donors will be required each year. Where will these donors come from? Most will be poor women from the inner city or from college campuses who need cash. It is also likely that women from third world countries will be exploited, as has happened with organ donation.

The procedure to obtain eggs uses powerful drugs to first suppress and then hyper-stimulate the ovaries, so that multiple follicles and eggs are produced. Lupron is used to suppress the ovaries, although it has never been approved by the FDA for this specific purpose (it is prescribed for “off-label” use at in vitro fertilization clinics). The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has received thousands of adverse drug reports, including reports of several hundred hospitalizations and 23 deaths among women. Women are willing to undergo these risks to produce a baby through in vitro fertilization, but is it worth the risk of life and health for a little cash? The greatly expanded use of these dangerous drugs will, most likely, result in the deaths of many more women for the sake of exploiting their eggs.


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